Dog Friendly and Community Conscientious
Dog friendly and community conscientious

Yesterday while waiting for a client in the leasing waiting area at One Boston North a Luxury complex just north of Boston, a woman walked in with her dog and said that she was there for the DNA sample.  The assistant leasing manager came back with two large Q-tips, and asked the woman to get some saliva from inside the dog’s mouth. After a bit of a normal tussle (think giving your dog medicine), the task was complete.  And this resident handed back the Q-tips, which were then placed in a zip lock bag, and labeled with the dog’s name, owner’s name, unit number, and sent off to the lab for processing.  
Yep at this point the reader of this blog is entertaining amusing thoughts about ah – that dog will never get away with taking a nap on the lounge chairs in the lobby or perhaps become a prime suspect in a neighborhood missing cat caper.

Nope – way more practical!  

All dogs that are in residence at this facility must have a DNA sample on file.  And the reason is that the maintenance staff, mows the grass, weeds and maintains the flower beds, sweeps, cleans and strives to keep the grounds looking nice, but also has a stash of zip lock bags at the ready and picks up stray dog poop – and this gets mailed to the lab.

No kidding!   

The first fine is hefty; $150, the 2nd fine is $250, and if a 3rd fine occurs – reason for expulsion. 

This is communicated and also handled with a bit of humor – and as one might imagine the lawns and flower beds are now reasonably devoid of doggie do.

And this policy is embraced by all – providing a much cleaner complex.

Interestingly as the status and pricing increases in the tonier venues in and around Boston, the problem of where to walk one’s dog has a creative solution.

The new high rise ultra luxury apartments in Boston even provide indoor bathroom areas – with Astro turf and faux shrubs and faux flowers for a more authentic look. These areas have terrific drainage systems and use of appropriate chemicals as well as a staff that washes and cleans multiple times per day to maintain a fresh look.  Although all pet owners know – that their dogs LOVE to mark their turf and are more incentivized to go directly over where another dog had previously gone.  So, although it is generally preferable to provide adequate exercise for one’s pet, if a pet owner is pressed for time it is possible to never leave the building.

The concept of concierge – is offered in most luxury buildings in Boston, and certainly there is a gradation of service based on the level of exclusivity, price segmentation and location.  The concierge concept literally extends to the pet policy, with available dog walkers, arrangement of supervised doggie play dates, and professional grooming and training are all offered.

Not that long ago under the amenity section for a luxury building were the words – pet friendly.  Now in many complexes that has been replaced with the words – Pet policy, which will then detail the philosophy and services offered, (and not just fee structure and weight limitation). 

At Boston Luxury Apartments – I have been touring multiple Luxury sites per week, and each facilities Pet Policy is now way broader and evolving.  Stay tuned for more creative news and updates.